About Us – Design Machine & Manufacturing

Advancing Material Handling & Packaging Machinery

Established in 1990, Design Machine & Manufacturing has had a rich history of providing equipment designs to a number of known packaging machinery companies. With roots stemming back to the late 1970’s, the principles at Design Machine & Manufacturing have always had the belief that there is, and continues to be, a tremendous need for quality engineered packaging machinery designed and built to the specific needs of the customer at an affordable price.

In the early 1980′s the packaging world was changing. Design Machine & Manufacturing packaging machinery was being tasked to run higher speeds using less personnel. Maintenance departments were staffing down. Marketing Departments were changing products every day. The need for machinery that was flexible enough to run varieties of products, became the norm. Sanitation became a driving force that provoked manufactures to change the way they designed and manufactured their primary frame and components.

By the early 1990′s Design Machine & Manufacturing began to tailor their equipment around the commercial fertilizer and chemical packaging industry. With a great need for equipment that could survive in this extreme environment, the innovative designs included the use of plastics where metal parts once dominated.  By maximizing the use of 316L stainless steel and other nonferrous corrosion resistant metals and sourcing the highest quality electrical components were mandatory.

In 2003, Design Machine & Manufacturing move into the dairy industry. The company designed some of the earliest Dairy 3-A sanitary compliant packaging machines in the industry. Consultation with the equipment director’s of Dairy 3-A sanitary board led to the development of one of the first compliant case packer designs in the industry. With its new Drop-Thru construction the machinery could literally run without normal stoppage for sanitation. Because of this detail to design, many of the machinery is running today with some machines boasting of over 23 million cycles.

Design Machine & Manufacturing incorporates the latest technology including three-dimensional computer modeling & simulation. When designing a single machine, or a complete packaging line, this technology allows us to simulate possible line issues in a virtual world and facilitates full engineering and machine manufacturing.